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Swizzle Tree definitely has a ring to its name, which in a strange way defines the style of the band. Soaring melodies, crunchy guitars, magnetic harmonies, a solid rhythm section and strange personalities make up the unique sound and image of this infectious rock band. Born and bred in Chicago, Swizzle Tree’s members Saarang (vocals), Steve (vocals, guitar) Todish (guitar), Jiggles (bass), and Amo (drums), are no strangers to good music. With influences ranging from Bad Religion to Weezer and Stone Temple Pilots to Material Issue, this band shows no signs of weak spots in good songwriting.

After a lot of hard work, agonizing van trips, and a radio add in Omaha, the Tree saw a steadily growing fan base and a surge in record sales throughout the Midwest. With the track “Marcs Car” becoming a hit on Omaha Based KIWR (89.7 The River) and selling over 10,000 copies of their previous album “Play On”, the band quickly caught attention from major labels across the country.

Now signed to Reen Nalli’s (INXS, India.Arie, Blue October) Nashville based Areena Records, and a seasoned staff to work “Here We Are” to radio and retail, Swizzle Tree has no plans of stop growing.

Swizzle Tree currently has over 52,000 plays on MySpace.com and growing!

Swizzle Tree will be touring extensively throughout the balance of 2006 and 2007.
Areena Records
UPC: 6-34479-32704-9

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Play On

1. Theresa
2. Do You Feel Bad
3. My Guitar
4. Ever Been Told
5. She's In Love
6. Waterfall
7. Holding On
8. Casualty of Love
9. Marcs Car
10.Get Ready
11. Please Don't Believe

Incudes the hit single "Marcs Car".

"Swizzle Tree continues to grow as a band, and their audience grows in size on a seemingly daily basis. I've kept my eye on them for years, and think they're closer to the brass ring than they've ever been."
-James VanOsdol, WZZN/The Zone-Chicago

"Talk about fun - if you go to one of their many live shows, you get this great original sound, plus the scary clown!" - Indie-Music.com

"One of Swizzle Tree’s greatest strengths is its ability to appeal to the tastes of both city dwellers and suburbanites. This new record is solid from start to finish.”-Tim Healy, The Depaulia

UPC: 6-17311-3012-2-3

Swizzle Tree

1. Sparkling Wine
2. Phatt
3. Wannabe Love Song
4. Falling Down
5. Sometimes
6. Puzzled
7. Happy Doing Nothing
8. Green Eyed Fool
9. Stupid's With Me
10. Two Afraid To Be Hurt
11. Open Invitation
12. Barb Wire

"This is a party album, in the best sense of the phrase"
- ChicagoGigs.com

"A smart pop-rock album with great hooks and harmonies" - ChicagoMusicScene.com

"..songs on this CD are hard rock with a fun danceable, playful attitude. "Sparkling Wine" has a psychadelic bridge and an impressive guitar solo"
- Indie-Music.com

UPC: 8-02414-00012-2

Songs from A SceneSongs from a SceneSongs from A Scene
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Sound Samples & CDs


Sound Samples & CD's