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Songs From A Scene

The Chicago music scene has never been stronger, with the major label signings of Disturbed (Giant/Warner Brothers - sales now over 2 million units), Lucky Boys Confusion (Elektra Records), and Kill Hannah (Atlantic Records) - there seems to be no end in talent the Windy City continues to produce.

Songs From A Scene represents the best of the current wave of independent bands creating the same - high energy - crowd pleasing shows, which continues to draw national attention as their recently signed comrades.

Songs From A Scene - seven bands including the + fourteen previously unreleased tracks + a live bonus track from LBC = forty-seven minutes of the best rock Chicago has to offer.


Lucky Boys Confusion Middlewest Fest 2010 from jack on Vimeo.

Ellen Stenard,
"The creators of the Songs From A Scene compilation did a few things notably well. First, their selection of artists make for an excellent album." more



UPC: 6-17311-3010-2-5

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