With over 10,000 copies sold to date of their independently released first album "Bandshell", which enjoyed Midwest Commercial and National College radio play of the single "Hey Luv", The Dog & Everything is poised to take a big bite out of the national pop scene with their new release "Sound Off".











UPC: 6-17311-30132-2



1. Superglue
2. Wannabe
3. Hey Luv
4. Early On
5. The D&E
6. Leave
7. The Book
8. Love is
9. Long Ride
10. Luck Alone
11. Purposely
12. Cold So Fast
13. Casey's




"(Bandshell) will quite possibly be my favorite disc of (the year)"

-Richard Milne, 93.1 WXRT Host of Local Anesthetic

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Songs from A Scene

Songs from a Scene

Featuring all new songs from Chicago's hotest rock bands including: The Dog & Everything, The Plain White T's, Swizzle Tree, and more! With a special live bonus track from Lucky Boys Confusion

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The Dog and Everything

UPC: 7-06567-91342-4



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Flawlessly crafted power pop, bluntly sincere lyrics and an obvious sense of humor are all earmarks of this Chicago band, destined for bigger things than anyone could have predicted in 2001. "Sound Off" should make everybody say "I'll take the Dog & Everything."