Treaty Of Paris

Behind Our Calm Demeanors ep

In January of 2005, members of Chicago rock bands Empyrean and Saraphine came together for a brand new project, Treaty of Paris. Mike Chorvat (vocals, guitar), Dan Wade (guitar), Phil Kosch (guitar), Brandon Capetillo (bass) and Scott Hoeft (drums) named their new project Treaty of Paris and set out to capture Chicago’s hearts and ears with their well-crafted pop songs. They set in motion their plan to take over Chicago, the Midwest, and eventually even the city of Paris by writing, playing, and recording ingenious rock songs.

Treaty of Paris is already marking their territory on the stage and on the airwaves. In the past year, they have been played to crowds over a thousand people strong in Chicago and surrounding states. They have also shared the stage with bands like Lovedrug, The New Amsterdams, Lucky Boys Confusion, Local H, Sum 41, Rise Against, Unwritten Law, and Urge Overkill. Solely on the strength of their demos, they’ve already received airplay on Q101 and 94.7 The Zone.

With that kind of a foundation, there was only thing to do next - record. Take a listen to the debut Treaty of Paris EP, Behind Our Calm Demeanors. You’ll hear beautiful melodies with layered guitars, insightful lyrics from the heart and a bit of rock n roll attitude, mixed in delightful combinations for perfect pop songs.

"I think it’s safe to say Chicago pop rock/punk has officially taken over. On their debut EP, Behind Our Calm Demeanors, Chicago natives Treaty of Paris draw heavily from their local brethren in The Academy Is… and Fall Out Boy, and offer us a solid, energetic, collection of pop rock/indie tunes. With plenty of clean and lightly distorted syncopated guitars, the comparison to The Academy Is… is easy to make, and there are hints of Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy) scattered throughout the EP (voice waver included in “Hello Nurse”, a track catchier than a fishing boat during salmon season). On “Rollerskates,” a bouncy, well written track, the band sprinkles in some very cool vocal layers almost reminiscent of The Beach Boys, which is a nice little treat...."



UPC: 6-17311-30152-0
Nov 2005

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Treaty Of Paris

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1. Here Goes Nothing
2. Hello Nurse
3. Rollerskates
4. Good Year
5. Personal Self-Help Program
6. Top Of My Lungs