Chicago's Funkin' Moshadelic Tribe of Five.

Previously available only directly from Deadcell Productions and at live performances, Philanthropissed contains all the raw energy and emotion that can only be experienced as part of the SoulFood Tribe.

From the opening cry of "Call of the Atman" to the final explosion of "BOOM", this collection of Hard Core Moshadelic Freeform takes the listener on a journey like none other.

The Tribe holds it sacred, as those that have come before, but none have come since, SoulFood harnesses the extreme, relates the beat, and releases.


All your favorite mood swings rolled into a couple of funky jams.




1. Call of the Atman
2. The Flavor
3. Knowledge Extreme
4. Feed Your Soul
5. A Theory Of Direction

Parental Advisory


UPC: 6-17311-6004-2-5


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