Peaches Staten

Live At Legends

Peaches Staten Live At Legends

Artist Profile

Peaches Stanton is a world-class entertainer who is known for jet setting across continents spreading the joy of blues. Here we find her standing as the last blues artist to do a live recording at the original Buddy Guy's Legends. This offering gives the listener a chance to feel as though they have a V.I.P. table, front and center at the party - and boy what a party it was!

"If a nascent label ever had a break out artist on their hands right out of the box, this is it.
A killer date that blues fans will love."
-- Midwest Review

"Peaches is a ball of energy.
Her gospel tinged vocals are powerful anf full of emotion
! "
-- Chicago Tribune

"Between the vocals and the washboard she can do no wrong. Peaches is having so much fun on stage it effects the crowd and pretty soon everybody is jamming "
-- Daily Southtown, Cleveland

"This woman is a class act. She doesn't rely on the big mama belting stuff, Peaches sings from the heart, Her warmth and charisma spreads throughout the room and her voice is like a heavy spring rain, powerfully refreshing. "
-- Pioneer Press, New York

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