Chicago's female Asian American rock band Kim successfully bridges the gap between Asian American cultures and the modern rock world with a smile.

"Accomplished players one and all, the musicians craft intricate "math rock" arrangements that are leavened by massively catchy pop hooks, a winning sense of humor and a disarming emotional honesty."
-Chicago Sun-Times

"All Asian, all-female rockers Kim shatter the myth of the timid, submissive Asian woman when they kick out the jams at the Asian American Showcase Rock Show..."
-Chicago Tribune


1. Bottle Rocket
2. Mortified
3. Candy Candy
4. Under the Sun
5. Too Here

"I popped Kim into my player and was immediately hit back with a catchy riff that pretty much set the tone for the entire EP...these girls know how to get down."

UPC: 6-17311-3011-2-4

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Guitar: Janet Kim Wanamaker, Pomodori
Guitar: Yanti Arafin Joygirl, Squirm
Drums: Mia Park
(Panda Panda,, Baltimores


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