File Underwater has built a one-of-a-kind sound based on thwarting basslines, blurred guitar licks and looming synthesizer buzzes. In the background are their staple dirty world beats and sensible pop overtones.


Jim Santos, America Online
Prepare to be transported. Dipping their brush in drum-n-bass, industrial, trip-hop and world music. File Underwater gives words and melody equal weight to beats.

Nort Johnson, Showcase Music Magazine
File nothing but raw talent with reckless abandon for hardcore industrial rock. It's rare when guitars, synths, solid percussion, and electronics are on the same level as something Al Jorgenson or Trent Reznor might offer up. Don't miss this one!!!

1. Silent
2. Sinking
3. Malificent's Demise
4. A Wake
5. Strip
6. Searching
7. Drained
8. House
9. Acropolis
10. For the Love Of Mab

Baby Factory
Industrial Rock
UPC: 6-17311-7008-2-8

slowmotionsickness (limited edition digi-pak)
1. letting you go
2. reduce me
3. spilling down the main
4. cleaner
5. re-stimuli
6. back into me (remix)
7. reduce me (dry version)
8. reduce me (extended version)

Baby Factory
Industrial Rock
UPC: 6-17311-7006-2-0

1. turned-on angels wings
2. how i'll sleep tonight
3. mediocre
4. in time
5. shadow dancing
6. believe me
7. letting you go
8. all about blame
9. underwater
10. brighter days
11. around the world
12. at war with sparrows
13. leaving town

Baby Factory
Industrial Rock
UPC: 6-17311-7001-2-5

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