Erik Larson

1999 Featured Artist - "Wild Chicago"
WTTW Channel 11

Chicago Independent film maker Erik Larson is most frequently described by his fans as a cross between John Waters and Ed Wood, but compared to those masters of low-budget camp, Larson's work looks absolutely wholesome.


Meter Girls


The feel-good hooker musical of the year! Get ready for the high-spirited hijinks of three working gals on the loose in the big city, with men on their minds! Featuring music by Jilly Idle and wacky original songs, METER GIRLS is a fun-filled story of girls gone wild in a mod, mod world.

Starring Linda Larson, Christine Bouchard. Introducing Miss Janet Hurley, and also starring Uncle Alice as Naomi.

1998, 105 minutes Not Rated


Musical Comedy
UPC: 6-17311-0002-3-2



Underground film star Uncle Alice leads a way-beyond-low-budget misadventure about a good-natured ditz having the worst day of her life.

From the moment she opens her eyes to the time she ends up wandering the streets in a pink gorilla costume, Mitzi is so happy go lucky, she doesn't even realize what's happening to her. To Mitzi, its just another day LOST.

"Twisted, to be sure...(Lost) had the audience hooting and hollerin
- Windy City Times

1996, 60 minintes Not Rated


UPC: 6-17311-0001-3-3

The original trailer for Erik's 1989 Super-8 feature length musical Graham Crackers.
The movie was filmed and shown around Chicago at sold-out shows,
often at the Roxy club on Fullerton




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