Wolfgang Strutz


Wolfgang Strutz  

Wolfgang Strutz

Alternative/Dream Pop

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"With each track, her child-like otherworldly voice flies over summery guitar, catchy bass and eery, lo-fi keys." - thepulpzines

"Standout The Walls has a strong Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffti-feel with it’s groovy baseline, swirling effects and angelic voice reflecting on the process of love". - thepulpzine


Madelyn Strutz aka: Wolfgang Strutz is no stranger to the Chicago eclectic music scene.

Her first breakthrough on the Chicago club circuit was through her performance with the female rock group Naughty Spells, where she was the main instrumentalist and solo engineer for the groups 10 track homemade LP.

As a music major at Columbia College, her formal education brought yet another side of expansion for Wolfgang. While studying the roots of Modern, African, and American Folk music, she found herself enlisting as a member of the Alternative Folk band Odd Folk touring the Midwest and ultimately releasing a digital EP containing the song “Sorry I’m Arrogant & Obsessive,” featuring her vocalized intro that reached commercial success as the soundtrack in a television ad campaign for Tempe Arizona’s award winning creperie, Crepe Bar.

Continuing to expand and while an active member of Odd Folk, Wolfgang also self released a solo digital album of rare and lesser known hymns titled Wolfgang Strutz sings Hymns that gained critical praise.

Now with a new year beginning, Wolfgang Strutz is also starting a new chapter in her music career with the highly anticipated release of originals Wolfgang Strutz. An album entirely written and performed by Wolfgang Strutz that reaches new heights of musical expressions filled with personal and musical phrasings for the New Year.


All selections: ©2014 Wolfgang Strutz


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Wolfgang Strutz guest vocals on "Rushing"
from Alex Fermanis' album "I Hear Voices"




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"Band reinterprets hymns and gospel tunes.
Gets it absolutely spot-on."


Wolfgang Strutz  

Wolfgang strutz
Wolfgang sings Hymns

chant folk lo-folk meditation psychedelic acid folk church music hymn hymns traditional traditional folk Chicago

released 21 August 2012

UPC: 617311302527


"... it's quite lovely, lightly experimental, toy-ish, enchanting, and indicative of weird-folk luminaries like Vashti Bunyan, or Joanna and Devandra circa 2004.
All good things."

Forest Gospel, Aug 21, 2012

1. Spirit Song 01:36

2. Lord of the Dance 01:40

3. In The Garden 01:13

4. Little Brown Sparrow 00:54

5. When Love is Found 01:20

6. Nobody Knows the Trouble I See 01:37

7. Morning Has Broken 01:01

8. How Great Thou Art 01:10

9. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 01:31

10. Melody 00:17

11. Nothing But The Blood 01:07

12. Do You Know How Many Stars? 00:53

13. Let All The World In Every Corner Sing 01:03

about A lo-fi, freak folk take on a collection of old church hymnals.
All instrumentation and recording by Madelyn Strutz.

released 21 August 2012

chant folk lo-folk meditation psychedelic acid folk church music hymn hymns traditional traditional folk Chicago


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