The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2  

The Alternate Boot: Vols. 1&2


Psychedelic Folk-Rock

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VOL. 1 - Songs 1-7 - Conjures a bit of an Alt-Country sound

1. So Clear 04:39
2. Surfer Boy From Illinois 03:43
3. Sadness In The World 03:20
4. I Close My Eyes 04:04
5. Song for Natalie 03:41
6. Last Laugh 03:35
7. Silver Moon 04:27

VOL. 2 - Songs 8-14 - Highlights their Psychedelic Folk-Rock vibration

8. Your Shining Eyes 04:22
9. Salty Son 04:20
10. They Don't Really Know 04:18
11. Brown Eyes 05:09
12. Dance A Wave 04:32
13. Hand In Hand 04:33
14. Hand Of Grace 05:25


"A bit hippy dippy, but not without its charms ... something out of 1970’s Sherwood Forest...” Richard Milne – WXRT, Chicago.

"Folk-e-delic with a heavy 60’s touch.. a lost classic from the Freak days...” Lord Litter - Radio Marabu, Europe & KWTF, Santa Rosa.


whitewolfsonicprincess emerged out of the Avant-garde theater scene in Chicago via Black Forest Theater Company, a performance group that presents edgy & original theater pieces. At the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Fest. The Scotsman Paper compared our work to the work of The Wooster Group. Music and writing songs has been a significant aspect of our storytelling. The band became more formalized around 2007. WWSP has 2 CD releases to date: “10 + 1” released in 2012 and “The Shadow of the Marigold” released in 2016. Carla Hayden & James Moeller are the principal songwriters.

The songs are about life and loss, about being lost, and being found, and the mysteries underlying everything. Our name became a symbol – a wolf in a princess hat, high-heels, a peace symbol arm-band, clutching a few wildflowers. The princess/wolf symbol embodies a series of dichotomies: male/female, animal/spiritual, body/soul, low-born/high aspiration, aggressive/peace-loving, darkness/light. Forever seeking wisdom in the consciousness of the natural world. Ever-moving. Always exploring.

whitewolfsonicprincess – one word, one thing.

Carla Hayden - Vocals & Percussion, James Moeller - Acoustic & Electric Guitar & Vocals, Chuck Wasserburg - Electric & Slide Guitar, Ian Ogden - Bass Guitar, Steve Rutstein - Drums, Randy Farr Percussion, Douglas Johnson - Electric Bass & Double Bass, Maria Storm - Violin, Ben Davis - Cello, Victor Sanders - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Tim O'Brien - Electric Bass (Song for Natalie & Silver Moon), Rich Meher - Drums (Song for Natalie & Silver Moon)

Produced by Carla Hayden, Victor Sanders & James Moeller
All Songs written by Carla Hayden & James Moeller - BMI


Street Date Feb 22, 2019

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