Buffalo DVD

Two For The Show

RPT 1003

Format: DVD/CD

Genre: Drama

Featuring: Michael McCallum, Liz Nolan, Denis Link, Joseph Mull, Jason Carlen, William C. McCallum

Director: Michael McCallum

Written: Michael McCallum

Produced: Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum

Year: 2016

Language: English

Length: 40 minutes

UPC: 888295407083

Available: Nov 15, 2016

Special Features
Audio Commentaries
Photo Montage
12-song CD Soundtrack


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Two For The Show

“Sincere & emotional drama, hits you right in the heart!” – Neal Damiano, Top 10 Films

A one-night stand gone wrong at a High School reunion, when a man comes into town to see his dying father for the last time and encounters an abused woman.


Winner of film festival awards!

Best Short Form Directing-Michael McCallum -Colorado International Film Festival 2016

Honorable Mention for Best Drama
-The Indie Gathering 2016

Best Feature Drama
-DIY Film Festival 2016

Aloha Accolade Award
-Honolulu Film Awards 2016


Best Short -The Top Indie Film Awards 2016

Best Writing-Michael McCallum
-The Top Indie Film Awards 2016

Best Writing-Michael McCallum
-Eclipse Awards 2016

Best Directing-Michael McCallum
-Eclipse Awards 2016

Best Actor-Liz Nolan -Eclipse Awards 2016

Best Editing-Andrew K. Tebeau and Michael McCallum -Eclipse Awards 2016

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