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The Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch

The Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch is a hilarious coming of age story about a socially awkward twenty-year-old librarian from Little Rutt, New Hampshire. When Marlboro attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding his father’s sudden death, he is thrust into a whirlwind of plot twists that take him everywhere from espionage in Big Rutt to Shicklegruber’s Ski Lodge for a drug and weapons deal. On his journey, he accidentally brings together a team of misfits who find friendship under the strangest of circumstances. Together they encounter an Abbot and Costello pair of FBI agents, a bipolar psychiatrist, an Elvis-obsessed megalomaniac salesman, and all the eccentricities that only a small town with nothing to offer has to offer..


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UPC: 6-17311-67219-4
ISBN: 1-893967-21-2
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