Suenos Latin-Jazz

Azul Oscuro

Sueños Latin-Jazz is comprised of some of Chicago's finest jazz and Latin musicians, and is led by bassist/composer Steven Hashimoto. They have been active on Chicago's vital jazz scene for 10 years.

Bassist/bandleader/composer Steven Hashimoto has been a highly visible part of Chicago's jazz scene since 1976, when he founded the band Mothra (which is still in existence, with a CD on AsianImprov Records). He also leads Sueños Latin-Jazz as well as several different duos, trios and quartets. He has also anchored the late-night jam sessions at The Green Mill on Fridays for almost 16 years. He has recorded with many local bands, and appeared at almost every jazz venue in Chicago. He has also appeared at The Chicago Jazz Festival, Taste of Chicago, ChicagoFest, Chicago's Asian American Jazz Festival, as well as festivals and concert venues nationwide

This is the first time that the sound of Steve Hashimoto's excellent band has been properly captured on CD. They have honed their degree of interplay to an almost telepathic level after many years of playing together, and they know the tunes inside and out. The compositions are one of the most outstanding aspects of the disc as 9 of the 12 tunes were written by Hashimoto in his highly melodic style. The band features Mike Levin who has mastered about every wind instrument imaginable as well as Bob Long (formerly of Streetdancer) on fluid keyboards. The supporting cast is also very strong with the likes of Neil Alger on guitar (Patricia Barber's band) and the dean of latin percussion, Alejo Poveda. This disc is highly recommended for a combination of tuneful and tasteful jazz that is both joyful and sophisticated. - David Ashcraft, Expose magazine


UPC: 6-17311-30162-9
Feb 2007


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1. Azul Oscuro
2. Enamorado
3. Just Like Julie
4. Eleanor Rigby
5. Tango El Gato
6. Desire
7. Hiroshi
8. Acid
9. Guajira Mi Mujer
10. Varrio Grande Vista
11. Linda Linda
12. Goya

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Azul Oscuro - Sueños Latin-Jazz/Steven Hashimoto