Heurtley House


EEG 6724


Format: DVD

Region: All

Director: Scott Baehrend

Year: 2003

Language: English

Length: 52 minutes

UPC: 617311672491

Available: June 6, 2006


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"A fine effort, this program will be of special interest to regional and architectural libraries" - Library Journal, June 1, 2003

"A solid video not only for architecture students, but for general audiences with an interest in the arts as well, this is recommended"
- Video Librarian, July-August 2003

America's most acclaimed architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, launched a revolution in design with the construction of the Heurtley House in 1902. Wright, who claimed that "music and architecture blossom on the same branch" had inaugurated an organic method of design that was to transform architecture worldwide. Yet, after 95 years the Heurtley House was in dire need of major renovation when the new owners took possession in 1997.

This video follows the 5 year restoration process, showing discoveries, obstacles, and techniques used to unveil the original face of a masterpiece that changed the history of architecture.

Axiem Award Telly Award

2003 Axiem Award / 2003 Telly Award

Padufus Films


"Meet the Owners" - one of the many extras on the DVD!




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