Reade Wildman Syzygy

Reade Wildman



BIR 3031


Alternative / Ambient/ ambient rock/ experimental rock/ post-rock psychedelic

Street: Nov 17, 2015

1. Desalniettemin (6:45)
2. Endless (11:35)
3. Prismatic Interlude (4:12)
4. Lämpäö Talvella (6:23)
5. God Left Us Unfinished (11:12)
6. Lieveheersbeestje (4:11)

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Reade Wildman, a 16-year-old composer and student at the Chicago Academy for the Arts is releasing his debut solo album ‘Syzygy’ through the experimental art project Baja Illinois Records.

While Reade currently studies classical guitar, ’Syzygy’ flirts with unusual blends of ambient rock, shoegaze, and doom metal, resulting in dense explorations of musical structure.


Reade Wildman at WGN Radio

Reade has performed selections from ‘Syzygy” live and discussed the release on WGN radio.

Watch for more updates from Reade Wildman in the coming months.


Baja Illinois Records


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