"I mean it when I say that LUCKY is a near masterpiece of indie filmmaking."
~ Maverick Movie Awards


RPT 1003

Format: DVD

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Featuring: Michael McCallum, Justin Muschong, Julie Rees, Brittany Risner, Jerrod Root, Grace Anne Rowan, Christine Therrian, Kelley Young

Director: Michael McCallum

Written: Michael McCallum

Produced: Marianne J. Bacon, Anthony E. Griffin, Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum, Jon Worful

Year: 2011

Language: English

Length: 100 minutes

UPC: 884501487818

Available: Dec 6, 2016


Special Features
Audio Commentaries
Photo Montage
Bonus Short Film: All of the Highs, None of the Lows

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Moving from relationship to relationship over the past four years, Henry struggles to meet the right woman for him. He's tried to make it work with them all: the jealous one, the young one, the sensitive one and the crazy one. When his relationship with Jamie, the ex-girlfriend of an old friend, becomes more serious, Henry's problems reveal a larger issue he has to deal with before he can find a way to be happy.

Lucky is a dramatic comedy from the makers of the award winning feature films, Fairview St. and Handlebar. A contemporary character study about the relationships between men and women fused with the visual sensibilities and storytelling technique defining the leading edge in Michigan made true independent cinema today.

Winner of film festival awards!

Best Score: Sunset International Film Festival Los Angeles-2012

Award-Winning Film That Makes Us Laugh Official Best Of Fest 2012

Award-Winning Film About Romance Official Best Of Fest 2012

Platinum Award for Narrative Feature: Oregon Film Awards 2011

Best Soundtrack: Maverick Movie Awards 2011

Film Editing Award: Colorado Film Awardsl 2011

1st Place Drama/Comedy: The Indie Gathering 2011

Award Of Merit: The Accolade Competition 2011

Best Supporting Actress: Grace Anne Rowan-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2011

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