Istvan & His Imaginary Band



  Istvan & His Imaginary Band.



Street Date: Jul 2, 2021

Istvan - Narrator,
Cicada, Bat & Bird
Evie Balazs – Evie
Iris Williams – Bee
Maya Blanek - Roly Poly
Evie Drenth – Butterfly
Chloe Slivka – Beetle
Max Angone – Worm
Bea Baine – Fireflies
Melissa Furbeck – Ant
Giancarlo Angone - Centipede

Istvan - Guitar, Keys, Vox
Ryan Murphy – Drums
Patrick Williams – Bass
Evie Balazs – Vocals
Amanda Drenth – Vocals
Maya Blanek – Vocals
Steven Slivka - Effects & Textures

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Evie the Queen of the Insects

Istvan's brand new soundtrack record. 16 tracks that include incredible new songs as well as full narration and character voicing telling the story of a little girl and her extra special connection to nature.

Meet all of Evie's best bug friends as they reunite after a long winter and plan their best summer ever. Join them as they make new friends and surprise discoveries, and watch as Evie and the others grow just like all things do during her favorite season summer.
Evie The Queen of The Insects is a story based on true life events and is the perfect backdrop for Istvan's most diverse and wonderful songs to date.

Song list

1. Waiting (Narration)
2. Time Of Year
3. Bugs Are Back (Narration)
4. Summertime
5. Cicada Surprise (Narration)
6. What's In A Name
7. Bye Cicada, Hello Bats (Narration)
8. We Fly Tonight
9. Bats State Their Case (Narration)
10. Bats Are The Best
11. Why So Sad (Narration)
12. Open Your Eyes
13. Unexpected Inspiration (Narration)
14. Sunshine
15. Always End With Ice Cream (Narration)
16. Evie The Queen Of The Insects





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