Dusty Santamaria

Existential Detective Rock n Roll  

Existential Detective
Rock n Roll

Americana / R&B
Soul Country / Doo Wop
Garage poetry and music

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Street Date: Feburary 5, 2013



Dusty Santamaria is a songwriter, poet, and painter, currently living in Portland Oregon. He performs both on his own and as the singer and rhythm guitar player in the garage, country, rhythm and blues band, The Singing Knives.


As a solo artist, Dusty Santamaria, singer of garage-soul rockers the Singing Knives, reveals that underneath all the chaos of his band lies a distinct ear for melody. When Dusty strips away the dirty blues stomp of the Knives, he creates a sound more akin to the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack on steroids. The musician, painter and poet lives in Portland (the one with the sketch comedy TV show, not the lobsters) and possesses a rain-drenched, organic voice to match. Dusty’s music straddles the line between the bluesy garage rock of Oblivians and an early Americana country sound. Just listen and Dusty's crunchy country croon will make you feel it's a damp Oregon night.
— Lizzie Plaugic - Unveiled Arts, New York


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