Down Three Dark Streets
Restored and presented in 1.75:1 original aspect ratio

Down 3 Dark Streets

CF 0016

Featuring: Broderick Crawford, Ruth Roman, Martha Hyer, Marisa Pavan, Max Showalter, Gene Reynolds, Kenneth Tobey, William Johnstone, Harlan Warde, Suzanne Alexander, Myra Marsh, Jay Adler, Claude Akins

Director: Arnold Laven

Year: 1954

Language: English

Length: 86 minutes

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Down Three Dark Streets (1954)
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When FBI agent Zack Stewart is gunned down in the line of duty, supervisor John ""Rip"" Ripley (Broderick Crawford) takes over his caseload. Believing that one of Stewart’s three active investigations will reveal the identity of his killer, agent Ripley’s assignment takes him “Down Three Dark Streets”: chasing down fugitive criminal Joe Walpo (Joe Bassett), breaking down small-time hood Vince Angelino (Gene Reynolds), and hunting down an unknown extortionist threatening helpless Kate Martell (Ruth Roman)—ending with a thrilling climax set against the backdrop of the iconic ""Hollywood"" sign!

With a supporting cast that includes Martha Hyer, Casey Adams, Jay Adler, Claude Akins and William Johnstone, Down Three Dark Streets was directed by Arnold Laven (Without Warning!) and produced by Jules V. Levy and Arthur Gardner. The trio would enjoy much success in television as the creative team behind such hits as The Rifleman and The Big Valley.

Oscar-winning cinematographer Joseph F. Biroc (The Towering Inferno) adds the right noir flavor to the tight screenplay by Bernard C. Schoenfeld and The Gordons. Gordon and Mildred Gordon (who wrote the book on which Streets is based, Case File: FBI) would later supply screenplays for such classic films as Experiment in Terror and That Darn Cat!

Authorized Terriory: USA & Canada

Available: Apr 24, 2018

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