Diggity Dudes


The Diggity Dudes

The Diggity Dudes play hip music for hip kids and their equally hip parents. A typical set covers everything from pet rocks to disco moves to science experiments to presidential physical fitness, all delivered via ultra-catchy melodies over funky and danceable grooves. Interactive skits, audience participation and a lighthearted comedic twist are what make a Diggity Dudes show more than a show - it's truly an experience. Ultimately, the Dudes are committed to helping provide all the young Dudes and Dudettes with an opportunity to experience the power and joy of a life enriched by music.

The Dudes are..

Diggity Donny (Donny Atkins) - mandolin, Lead Vocals, Guitar
Diggity Mike (Mike Hartsfield) - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Diggity Tod (Tod Ellsworth) - Upright Bass, Electric Bass, background vocals
Diggity Mark (Mark Henderson) - Drums, Percussion
Mr. Molecule (Nathan Brown) - Keyboards, background vocals 


Presidental Physcial Fitness Test
Presidental Physical Fitness Test

1. Disco Traveler
2. Skunk
3. Firetruck
4. Seeds
5. Ice Cream
6. Grover Cleveland
7. Didn't Go To Bed
8. Presidential Physical Fitness Test
9. Train
10. On My Bike
11. He's So Cool
12. Sugar Coaster Presidental



"And yes, the kids (and grown-ups) can learn a thing or two from the CD. Grover Cleveland is a track that reminds us about some of the forgotten presidents and even manages to run down the full list of presidents, as if to challenge us all to learn it to sing along with them." - Richmond Family Magazine


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March 5, 2013



. Junior Jukebox Papa Snow

My Science Project

1. Diggity Dude Theme
2. My Science Project
3. Dirty Teeth
4. Don’t Bite Your Buddy
5. Jump In The Air
6. Clean Up
7. To The Library
8. My Pet Rock
9. Who’s The Line Leader
10. Donny Crazy Legs
11. The Manners Song
12. Diggity Dude Theme (reprise)


"A fun addition to children's music collections."— School Library Journal

Street Date: July 3, 2012


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My Science Project - The Diggity Dudes 


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