Daniel Fromberg Idiogloddia

Daniel Fromberg



BIR 3030


Alternative / Ambient/ ambient rock/ experimental rock/ post-rock psychedelic

Street: Nov 17, 2015

1. 1 (3:28)
2. 2 (1:58)
3. 3 (5:35)
4. 4 (2:50)
5. 5 (3:36)
6. 6 (7:27)
7. 7 (5:49)
8. 8 Twin Peaks Theme (3:04)

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Brilliant young composer Daniel Fromberg is pushing pop to the limit in his new record ‘Idioglossia’, a compilation album of unreleased studio recordings, released on Baja Illinois Records.

Daniel’s inventive sound combines dreamy pop aesthetics with radically dense melodies.

Daniel is an experimental musician who released his first album in 2011 on the label Teen River. He has played shows around Chicago and released more collections of his own and other's music before a break in 2014.



WZRD Wizard Radio

Daniel has performed live and Idioglossia was featured on WZRD 88.3fm.

Watch for more updates from Daniel Fromberg in the coming months.


Baja Illinois Records


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