The word on everyone's lips right now is, "Cathy Richardson, why are you so fricking awesome?" The answer is this, Delusions of Grandeur, possibly the most important and brilliant recording ever laid to tape. Even though, there was, technically, no tape ever used. Could Ms. Richardson be that genius? Yes, my friends, she could be. Using highly scientific techniques, she and others played instruments and either plugged them into something or used microphones to capture the sound and bring them into computers to convert the musical notes into complex digital codes. She then transfered these digital codes onto round plastic discs which can be played through a device which when routed through speakers, will vibrate the exact duplicate image of the sound back into your ears. But there's more to the story. The sounds which were recorded were actual songs, composed by the prodigious Catherine Elizabeth, who was named after two queens. Followers of Ms. Richardson's work know of her love for the visual arts, as well, especially when it comes to her plastic collections of songs. She has once again teamed up with her GRAMMY Nominated collaborator, Master Painter, William J. Dolan. The artwork, disguised as packaging, is part of the experience for the incredibly lucky procurer of a copy of Cathy Richardson's Delusions of Grandeur. Inside the packaging, along with the plastic disc of songs, is a small book. To reveal the contents of the book would be to spoil the delicious surprise which awaits the sexy genius who acquires it. No, you must savor and languish in every moment of discovery. It's like getting your virginity back and losing it all over again. A little awkward, kind of scary but in a good way, a bit uncomfortable at times, then you think you hear you parents coming home and you freak out but then you realize you're just freaking out and then it's over and you're really just relieved. Or something. Whatever, it's different for everyone... but here's the thing. If you want to be smart, you hang around with smart people, you live in a smart house, you listen to smart music, you eat smart sandwiches. And Cathy Richardson's Delusions of Grandeur will make you a genius.

2007 DIY Album of the Year

2007 DIY Producers of the Year:
Cathy Richardson and John Ovnik

Cathy Richardson

Cash Rich
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"The Road To Bliss"

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"Delusions of Grandeur"

1. Overture
2. G.O.D.
3. A Fool’s Regret
4. Ain’t No Home
5. Making a List
6. Things Are Different
7. Overwhelmed
8. I Don’t Want Anything
9. Closet Cultivator
10. The Sacred Relationship Between Humans and Plants
11. A Phone Call to Joe Quinn
12. Two Questions
14. Making a List Remix
15. Closet Cultivator
Radio Edit
16. Overwhelmed
Radio Edit
17. A Phone Call to Joe Quinn Radio Edit
18. Two Questions
Radio Edit


"Things Are Different"