Buffalo DVD

“A major victory here for the director, and writers along with outstanding acting performances by its cast. William C McCallum delivers every scene with an electrifying must see leading man status!"

-Taylor Kelsaw, Show Biz Weekly Radio @MBNLive


RPT 1001

Format: DVD

Genre: Drama

Featuring: William C. McCallum, Barb Dalman, Erik Keener, Mackenzie Beckman, Shelley Irwin, Sineh Wurie, Denis Link and Scooter

Director: Michael McCallum

Written: Michael McCallum &
William C. McCallum

Produced: Michael McCallum, William C. McCallum, Jonathan Worful

Year: 2015

Language: English

Length: 78 minutes

UPC: 888295161848

Available: April 5, 2016


Special Features
Audio Commentaries
Photo Montage
Music Video


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"William C. McCallum's role is reminiscent of Robert Duvall's work in its simplicity and honesty."- Los Angeles DIY Film Festival

Buffalo stars William McCallum in a powerful role as "Roger", a lonely cab driver who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. He is shaken by the sudden death of his ex-wife, and steals a cab from his job and sets out to find the son he hasn't seen in more than thirty years.


Best Narrative Feature-Hobnobben Film Festival-2017

Jury Award for Best Feature-Red Corner Film Festival-2017

Special Mention for Best Feature-I Filmmaker International Film Festival-2016

Best Score-The European Independent Film Award-2016

International Gold Award for Best Music-International Film Competition Festival-2016

International Gold Award for Best Story-International Film Competition Festival-2016

International Silver Award for Best Feature Narrative Film Directing-Michael McCallum-International Film Competition Festival-2016

Best Sound-Ramanus Atelier International Film Festival-2016

Best Country Award (USA)-CreaActive International Open Film Festival-2016

Best Dramatic Feature-Singapore World International Film Festival-2016

Best Actor-William C. McCallum-i Holly: The Next Generation Indie Film Festival-2016

Best Actor-William C. McCallum-Wolves Independent International Film Awards-2016

Gold Award for Best Feature Film-Oregon Film Awards-2015

Gold Best Feature Film-Global Independent Film Festival-2015

Gold Best Supporting Actress-Barb Dalman-Global independent Film Festival-2015

Silver Best Screenplay-Michael McCallum & William C. McCallum-Global Independent Film Festival-2015

Silver Humanitarian Award-Global Independent Film Festival-2015

Silver Independent Spirit Award-Global Independent Film Festival-2015

4th Best Drama Feature-The Indie Gathering-2015

Best Narrative Feature-The Eclipse Awards-2015

Best Feature Drama-DIY Film Festival-2015

Best Country Song- "Sugar High"-Jen Sygit-Garden State Film Festival-2013


Semi-Finalist-The Independent Film Collaborative (IFC) -2017

Best Feature Drama-Hollywood Screenings Film Festival-2016

Finalist-Best Feature Film-I Filmmaker Film Festival-2016

Best Drama-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Director-Michael McCallum-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Production Design-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Actor-William C. McCallum-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Supporting Actor-Cody Masalkoski-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Supporting Actor-Erik Keener-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Ensemble Cast-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Emerging Filmmaker Award-Michael McCallum-Global Independent Film Awards-2015

Best Lead Actor-William C. McCallum-The Eclipse Awards-2015




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