Astra Kelly

Classical and Jazz trained, ASTRA KELLY began her professional singing career after taking note of the city's subway performers, while in route to her job in Chicago. After working on her guitar technique, and with a few pointers from a veteran subway performer, Astra earned 50 dollars in 2 hours and quit her job.

Her subway performances began not only to draw a steady audience, but also a steady request for copies of recorded material. Her first CD, Stones, Bones and Boxes, self-released in December 1996 was recorded in her apartment using professional equipment and engineers who later became friends.

Acoustic Soul Live

1. For What I Want
2. Guess What
3. Brink of Things
4. Full Circle
5. Evolutionary
6. Mad Crazy Mad
7. It Will Always Be
8. Among the Spirit World
9. Caught a Window
10. What Tomorrow Brings
11. Change Happens
12. Give It A Try
13. Sunshine and Mr. Blue
14. Tell Me What You've Heard

Acoustic Soul Live captures all the power and passion of Astra's live performances. Recorded at several clubs in Colorado while on tour of the western states during the turn of the century, Acoustic Soul Live features fourteen of Astra's best loved songs, as well as some new compositions.

Far Rockaway
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Subtown Rituals
1. Change Happens
2. Free From You
3. The Love Song
4. Use It
5. The Key
6. Warrior
7. Never Said You Were Wrong
8. Beautiful
9. Sunshine and Mr. Blue
10. Caught a Window

Subtown Rituals implies that there is something happening just beneath what is, or what is seen. The songs, each in themselves, convey an aspect of what exactly that "something" is - movement and change.

Illinois Entertainer:
"Astra Kelly and Far Rockaway build a lot of groove on Subtown Rituals. On Change Happens, Kelly's inviting vocals flow amiably over the guitar hooks.


Far Rockaway
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Also available for download

2004 Astra Kelly EP

2010 Battling The Sun EP

Astra Kelly 




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